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About us - a passion for Quality

A new challenge has emerged in the current environment on retaining the talent pool of human resources. At the same time there is a dearth of skilled manpower which needs to be filled by the companies for the vacuum created by the separation of employees.

We at Gnana identified this gap to fulfill the need arising out of this situation wanted to support companies in the areas of direct placement, contract staffing, technical consulting, background checks, training and marketing technical know-how. We follow the Deming Cycle in all the activities we carry out and do thorough introspection to judge the performance. We strongly believe Quality than Quantity.

Vision - a distant yonder

Gnana Software Consulting Private Limited wants to attain a level playing field in providing services to the clients and stakeholders and thereby keeping our clients extremely happy.

Value - a judgment

We would like to dedicate ourselves to the client's needs and be part of their success by way of learning either way. We make the learning as a stepping stone thereby minimizing the errors.